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About Us

Cuenca Realty is a team of three professionals from three different continents. The one thing we have in common? We’re all dedicated to providing high-quality real estate services to the Cuenca community (and beyond).  Each bringing unique skills and strengths to the table, we’ve joined forces to create a real estate service that caters to the ever-diversifying Cuenca population.

Say Hello!

Monica Gonzaga

Monica is a born problem-solver. She knows all the ins and outs of the Ecuadoran legal system and can fight her way through any bureaucracy. She’s got the connections and know-how to get things done quickly and efficiently, and she’s dedicated to helping her clients succeed.

Claire is our resident American. A lively Gringa with ample experience in real estate, investing, and communications, Claire is always looking for a new challenge. She’s got a knack for matching people to places and loves the thrill of finding the right place for the right person. She’s our marketing mastermind, working hard to make sure our clients’ properties get the exposure they deserve on multiple platforms.

Marta is our Spanish administrator. She helps keep things moving along behind the scenes to ensure all our clients receive timely service. Both Marta and Monica are bi-lingual (and Claire is learning!) so our team can easily assist locals and expats alike.

Why We’re Here

We at Cuenca Realty are excited to be a part of the growing real estate industry in Cuenca. With more and more immigrants and expats coming to our beautiful city every day, we’re excited about the future of this real estate market. We look forward to the opportunity to help current residents and new arrivals with all their real estate needs.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, rent or tenant, all of us at Cuenca Realty are committed to bringing you the smoothest experience possible. If you have any questions or would like to work with us, please get in touch any time!